Friday, October 14, 2005

Contemplating Death

All things in life are impermanent. We will have to face death one day.

We do not want to face up to the fact of impermanence because then we have to face up to our own demise. Yet impermanence is something that makes life possible. We would not have grown to be responsible adults had it not been for impermanence.

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Contemplating Death

Love yourself and Watch

To love yourself is the first step to developing spiritually. You may have been told to love others but not to love ourself. This is a very harmful piece of advice and we will get into trouble if we attempt to follow it.

Osho Rajneesh says that it is only if we love ourselves can we love others.

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Love yourself and Watch

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Helping the dying

I have had no experience with death and dying. My grandparents and a few other friends and relatives died in my lifetime but I was too young and not skillful enough to help them at the times of their deaths.

A dying person at the time of death is in such a situation that he or she is leaving behind all that he has clung to and been familiar with all his life. Wealth, fame, prestige, family, friends, power all is being left behind. Rinpoche asks us to put ourselves in the place of the person who is dying ...

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Helping the dying meet their end peacefully

Being free

Being present in the Here and Now lends us a sense of solidity and freedom.

Perhaps I can illustrate this statement by describing what as happened today in my life. A few years ago I registered a criminal complaint against one of my colleagues who cheated me of a very large sum of money. This person was arrested in due course and subsequently released on bail. I strongly suspect that the Investigating police officer has taken money from the accused in order to mismanage the case.

With all these matters on my mind today, I found myself worrying and making myself miserable. A few years ago this miserable mood may have continued for days. But Eastern Philosophy has helped me to snap out of it.

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Gaining solidity and Freedom through the present moment