Monday, March 03, 2008

The challenges and joys of learning meditation

The goal is the journey. Find out how practicing and learning meditation in daily life helps you live life intensely

Learning meditation


Bendz said...


Good post about confusious. I'm also learning vipasana. It's nice to see your post.




mikethepikey said...

awareness of the moment free ones from all the unnecesary extras that our mind has been conditioned to percieve as real and important. mindfulness shows one that there is in reality only now.


westwind said...

Meditation is a trip of self-discovery of what dwells in ones mind and every time meditation is undertaken, more comes up to the consciousness and is inspected. It is necessary to have enough faith to realize that the path is worthwhile to explore, but rushing headlong means one is more likely to trip up along the way and get messed up by what comes up into the consciousness. So be gentle with yourself for two careful steps may bring better results that a large quick step. Now what to do with what you find out about yourself while on the path, this is where enlightenment comes into play. Offer up your suffering to God for instructions on proper behavior, what to do about what you discovered within, or if you really what a jolt, just make your mind blank while meditating and get your answer that way, receiving something not of your own nature in response that is just about all that you can manage to do.

Brandon said...

Great post. Look foward to your next one.